Keynote Speaker

Prof. Rodrigo Martins

Prof. Rodrigo Martins

Full Professor, Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and CEMOP-UNINOVA, Portugal
Speech Title: Carbon Neutrality: A New Era of Green and Low-Cost Electronics

Abstract: Currently, energy management plays a crucial role for the internet of things (IoT) growing with the increment of the amount of data to handle. The pursue of more and more comfort in society will lead to an exponential increase of IoT nodes, since almost every device has embedded electronics. However, this will lead to a high quantity of electronic waste (e-waste) accumulation that will not be recycled and will most likely end in landfills of developing countries. In 2019, 53.6 Mt of e-waste was generated worldwide, and it is expected to reach 74 Mt by 2030. To overcome this serious societal problem, it is necessary to rethink the production process of some electronic devices and to reconsider their life cycle assessment, more specifically their environmental footprint. Printed electronics can be a solution and its market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 21.5 % from $7.8 billion in 2020 to $20.7 billion by 2025. By adopting abundant and sustainable materials (metal oxides) and processes electronics waste is reduced, leading to the reduction of the carbon footprint, and paving the way for green electronics. In this work, suitable processes and materials are developed to assure the upscale of metal oxide-based devices to printing industry levels.

Keywords: Internet of things (IoT), e-waste, Printed electronics, Metal oxides, Sustainability

Biography: Rodrigo Martins, President of the European Academy of Sciences; President of the International Union of Materials Research Societies; Full Professor at FCT-NOVA. Member of the:
- Scientific Council of the European Research Council
- Portuguese Academy of Engineering.
- Portuguese Order of Engineers, OE.
- Board of Admission and Qualification of OE.

Prof. Rodrigo Martins is the founder and director of the Centre of Excellence in Microelectronics and Optoelectronics Processes of Uninova; leader of the Materials, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies group of I3N/CENIMAT and its sub-director; member of the nomination committee of the EIT KIC Raw Materials; Editor in Chief of the journal Discover Materials. He is Expert in the field of advanced functional materials, nanotechnologies, microelectronics, transparent electronics (pioneer) and paper electronics (inventor), with more than 575 papers published in WoK; Member of the:
- Steering Committee of European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies, EuMat.
- Joint Innovation Centre for Advanced Material Sino-Portuguese.
- administration board of the nature journal: npj 2D Materials and Applications.

Prof. Rodrigo Martins was decorated with the gold medal of merit and distinction by the Almada Municipality for his R&D achievements, in 2016. He got more than 18 international and national prizes and distinctions for his scientific work. ORCID:; Webpage: